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And here’s some of what our Spiritbody online customers have to say…

I’ve been shopping with Homebody, now Spiritbody online, since it was in the tiny store on Melrose in the 70’s. Many, many years. They have the best body care products I’ve ever used. Better than anything else on the market, no matter the store, the brand or the price.
Beatrice,  Beverly Hills

Wow! If you love great smelling stuff then this site is like winning the lottery!
Kim,  Washington, DC

I can’t wear other perfumes anymore. Spiritbody oils are so true and clear and long-lasting. They don’t give me the headaches many other perfume products do.
Annie,  New York

When I was a teenager, my mother used to take me to the Melrose store to buy China Rain. Now my own teenage daughter and I wear it. That’s three generations!  It’s a tradition and so full of happy memories.
Jessica, Studio City

I have had the pleasure of being a customer of Homebody and Spiritbody.com since 1982. They are wonderful, kind, caring people who take pride in their products, a joy to work with.
Barry, Detroit

I have a perfume blend (top secret) that no one else has. Everyone raves about it and recognizes it as ‘me.’  Ha! I even named it after myself!
Anonymous, New York

The Lavender Room & Linen Spray is amazing. I use it at work, both in my office when I’m having a rough day, and on the sales floor when my employees are feeling stressed. I also use Elderflower Lotion which is so absorbent, it blends right in without that greasy feeling. I love it!
Donna,  Los Angeles

My wife loves the Spiritbody lotion. She says that it is the best lotion she has ever used for her skin. She noticed a difference right away,
Eric,  Los Angeles

I’ve been a customer of Spiritbody since 2006. The quality of their oils is second to none. My fragrance was created by a master perfumer. I’m so thankful for coming across Spiritbody!
Paull,  Sanford, MN


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