a flower is a leaf gone mad with love...

As we launch our new and improved website and our thirty-fifth anniversary draws near, I’m reflecting on the history of our business though, in some ways, it seems like so much more than the word ‘business’ communicates.

When Risa Potters opened Homebody in the delightful and diminutive 400-square foot store on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood in 1976, I don’t know if she realized that she was starting an institution of sorts, a confluence of people and fragrance and natural body care that would become much more than the sum of its parts.

It was a sensory delight. Countless remarkable women found a place to express their creativity in a new and very personal way; creating their own fragrance signatures and using natural body care tailored to their skins’ needs. It was quietly, fragrantly revolutionary…

After a time, Homebody moved into larger quarters and found its way into features in W, Los Angeles Magazine (Best of LA), Allure and many other fashion and beauty periodicals. It became not just a cult favorite but a star-stopping spot for ‘A’ list celebrities. All the while, it maintained its original vision of individual creativity and fun for women of style and originality.

All this transformed into Spiritbody.com, the best of Homebody but with the entire world as our neighborhood. And those remarkable women? They still shop with us… as do their daughters. They still reminisce about our humble but sublime beginnings and the occasions in their lives marked by a special scent: the gift marking the beginning of true romance or the birth of a child; introducing their young ones to the joys of being a girl; the memory of a mother or dear friend; the fun and surprise that can come of mixing and blending…and finding just the right scent that wordlessly introduces who we are to the world.

Contact us online or call us for these same natural products and rare scents for which we take such care and pride. We are here to make your life lovelier and perhaps ease the stresses of a difficult day.

Joys, great and small, to all,

Terry Sullivan


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