Certified Organic Collection

Indulge in beauty and health with our Certified Organic Collection!
These personal care products contain 70% or more Certified Organic ingredients as well as a NEW natural preservative system which conforms to organic and vegan standards with no parabens.

Our Organic selections are infused with the sun-kissed flowers, fruits, grains and rich oils of beautiful Northern California. These natural recipes capture time-tested beauty rituals while the preservative system is state-of-the-art. Our Certified Organic ingredients, including aloe, sunflower oil, plus extracts are distilled on a Sonoma family farm. Spiritbody is offering products that nourish the body, while offering a sustainable, safe-haven to the environment and those who tend the fields.

Cleanse, hydrate, relax with state-of-the-art products…

Organic Bath & Shower Wash
Pure, natural cleansers from moisturizing coconut and sugar are blended with Certified Organic aloe, lavender, verbena and orange. This ultra-hydrating gel, featuring Shea butter, vitamin B-5, panthenol and vegetable glycerin, soothes and hydrates with an extra dose of vital nourishment for beautiful, healthy skin. Enjoy rich lather and comfort in the shower or bath… Wonderful for custom scenting or available Unscented if you prefer.

Organic Body Lotion
Enhance your skin's look and feel with this sustainable, super-antioxidant moisturizer rich in Certified Organic botanicals. Luxurious and creamy, it includes therapeutic aloe, mandarin, lavender and verbena flowers. Proven age-defying, anti-oxidants grapeseed, green tea, vitamins C and E offer vital protection. Olive, Shea and jojoba oils soothe, absorb quickly for relief, hydration and beautiful results. Available Unscented if you prefer.

Aloe Vera Lotion
A Certified Organic lotion that’s light and quick to absorb, a blessing in summer or in warmer climates. It’s mineral-rich with anti-oxidants, sea algae and aloe vera to soothe; and vitamins to seal in moisture. Available Unscented if you prefer.

Sunflower & Shea Massage Oil
This medium weight massage oil is Certified Organic and vegan-friendly. It glides on and creates a barrier to help retain the skin’s natural moisture. It also provides control and grip for a long-lasting, deeply penetrating massage. Available Unscented if you prefer.


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