Cucumber Cleansing Cream
A gentle soap substitute for even the driest, most delicate skins. Rich oils and lecithin clean impurities and remove makeup, with or without water, while leaving skin moist.

Lemon & Oat Cleanser
Wonderful for combination to oily skin. Natural oat flour gently foams and exfoliates while absorbing excess oils. Aromatic lemon oil acts as a gentle astringent, maintaining the skin’s pH balance, leaving it smooth and comfortable.

Pomegranate Foaming Facial Wash
This unique cleanser, with self foaming pump bottle, creates instant billowy foam that rinses easily, leaving skin ultra-soft and hydrated. It features gentle coconut oil cleansers, powerful age-defying anti-oxidants pomegranate and white tea, plus vitamins E and C, grapeseed, olive, cocoa and licorice root. Moisture-rich Shea butter and glycerin leave remarkably replenished skin. For all skin types. Fragrance-free.

Honey Almond Scrub
This luscious exfoliating scrub is rich in real honey to smooth., tone and moisturize. Natural almond, corn, oat and rye meals deeply but gently cleanse impurities and lift away dry surface cells without a hint of over-drying. Fabulous honey and almond fragrance.

Green Tea Age-Defying Serum
A life-saver! This multi-tasking miracle serum fights aging while rejuvenating and firming with a super intensive anti-oxidant complex featuring alpha lipoic acid, green tea and vitamin C-esters to target the harsh effects of environmental skin damage and aging. This silky gel glides on effortlessly and boosts hydration with oil-free moisturizers sodium hyaluronate, mucopolysaccharides and algin. Skin will be noticeably softened and soothed with a youthful glow. Fragrance-free.

Eye Cream
A specially designed formulation targeted to protect the delicate, sensitive skin around the eyes. For all skin types. Fragrance-free.

White Tea & Shea Anti-Aging Cream
This fountain-of-youth cream combines the incredible anti-oxidant effects of white tea with revitalizing and moisturizing Shea butter to create advanced skin care for mature and very dry skin. Avocado oil, sodium hyaluronate, plus squalane, a highly effective emollient derived from olives, provide triple moisturizing; while vitamin E, plus cucumber and aloe extracts soften and soothe, revealing resilient, supple and youthful skin. Fragrance-free.

Daily Vitamin Care Cream
Rich with lanolin and vitamins A, D and E this is a light yet very effective cream, ideal as a daytime cream under makeup or during the summer months. Fragrance-free.

Elderflower Hydrating Cream
This light cream hydrates and softens skin with gentle essences of elderflower and Irish moss. Sodium PCA and Vitamin E linoleate encourage moisture retention. For day and night use for dry and combination skin. Fragrance-free.


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