Terry's Letter

Truly wonderful news!

After almost half a century in business, with 32 of those years being under my ownership, now Homebody/Spiritbody is passing on to a new generation.  Fate has kindly presented the perfect folks to take Homebody/Spiritbody into the future. With a commitment to our tradition of the finest fragrances, body care products, and customer service, Homebody/Spiritbody will continue on the path that has made it a cult institution.  I feel so blessed to have connected with the perfect successors, Jen Silverman and Jasper Herman.  They have been working with me for the past year so you can trust that they have what it takes to meet your needs.  They are wonderful people and their sensibilities and gifts are consistent with the best of Homebody/Spiritbody.  I'll be involved on a consulting basis as I continue to recover from almost 3 years of long Covid. Things will be stable with some nuanced changes to stay abreast of the times while remaining the quality creative source you've known for all these years.  I’m looking forward to timely improvements within our traditions and…..more good news! The new updated website will include not only perfume oil but also our beloved lotion and body care products.  ADE lotion is back!  I thank you with all my heart for these years of care and friendship.  I will never forget you.

Peace and love always,