About us

Spiritbody.com began as a small brick and mortar store called Homebody which opened in 1976 on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, CA.  Originally located in a delightful little cottage, it soon moved across the street to larger more modern quarters.  Despite the expansion, Homebody remained the same welcoming place for people of all ages and genders to explore and discover their own signature fragrance.  After features in the LA Times, W Magazine, Los Angeles magazine, and many other fashion and beauty periodicals, the perfume oils developed a cult following among locals and A-list celebrities. 


From the early 1990s into the 2000s, under Terry Sullivan’s ownership and vision, Homebody evolved into Spiritbody.  Eventually selling exclusively online, she enabled these unique and magical fragrances and body care products to reach customers new and old, all over the country.  After owning the business for 32 years, long Covid made it necessary to pass the baton to her successors, Jen Silverman and Jasper Herman.  Terry and Jen have a long friendship that commenced with a mutual love for fragrance.  Jasper has been Terry’s right-hand man for the past year and has an impressive gift for scents as well as a generational understanding of what's new.


A little bit more about Jen….Jen was a teenager in the 1980s who frequented the Melrose Avenue store with her girlfriends on a monthly basis.  She delighted in trying a dab of each delicious perfume oil from the row of test tubes that lined the counter on her wrist, and the excitement as one would reveal itself to her as "the one."  These scents became forever associated with significant moments in her life.  Upon rediscovering Spiritbody online, she became a customer again.  After several years of fulfilling orders and learning the ropes, Jen jumped at the chance to become an owner.  She is thrilled and grateful to be able to share these powerful and meaningful scents with others.  She looks forward to bringing back old favorites, as well as expanding Spiritbody's fragrance and product offerings.


And a bit about Jasper…Jasper belongs to a younger generation and brings a refreshing and new energy to the business.  He is particularly excited about bringing Spiritbody’s magic to a younger demographic who has yet to experience it.  Jasper is fluent in technology which will help Spiritbody prosper in the ever-changing online business world.  Like Jen, he has worked closely with Terry and came away with a great understanding of the mechanics of running Spiritbody.


As Homebody/Spiritbody’s newest generation of owners, Jen and Jasper feel truly blessed and delighted to have embarked upon this adventure, and have lots of wonderful ideas in store.  They are interested in customer feedback of any sort, as well as product and fragrance requests, and would be happy to hear from you via the contact form. 

For those interested in reading Terry’s most recent email to customers regarding the change of ownership please click here.