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China Lily

With its lily & white floral notes and fresh air, China Lily is sensual but perfect for any occasion.

China Musk

China Musk is sensual & sophisticated, intensified by a warm, light musk base note for rich presence. 

China Rain

A subtle classic. A complex floral, China Rain is intoxicating and even a little aphrodisiac. You'll get compliments from men & women. "What is that scent you're wearing?" Guaranteed to be authentic Homebody China Rain. 


The one and only! A cult classic. Warm floral & fruity. Truly a wonderful unique fragrance. 



Grazia is a gentle breeze of pure white flowers with a touch of bergamot & white musk. Inviting, pure & open.


Morning Child 

Bright & happy, a little powdery. A complex white floral. Morning Child is cheerful & open. Makes any day sunny.

Muguet des Bois 

Muguet des Bois is the essence of the perfect classic Lily of the Valley.  Light & crisp. 


A fresh, clear island fragrance, Pikaki is open & optimistic with notes of musk, tuberose & fresh greens. Perfect for warm days of summer.


Pink! Is unique, bright, clean, sunny & warm.  A sweet blend of vanilla, fruit, and a trio of florals.


Rain is light as air with warm base notes. Sophisticated complex florals & precious woods with a hint of soft muguet.

Tea Rose

Our timeless true light & gentle rose essence floating on a warm breeze. Delightful with tea accords & grassy top notes.


A unisex fragrance with notes of Himalayan cedar, amber, pine, and mandarin.  Ethereal green notes grounded with the rich clarity of exotic musk. Imagine the rolling green plateaus of springtime in Tibet with a touch of incense.


A smooth, fluid waterlily heart note with a soft musk dry down. Touches of lotus, jasmine, rose & bergamot.

Cruelty free & no animal products

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